Teaching entrepreneurial competences

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Learning outcomes
Describe pedagogical approaches, teaching and assessment methods that enhance students’ engagement to develop students’ entrepreneurial competences in online learning environment.
Understanding | 10
Identify what entrepreneurial competences students need in the contemporary world to seize and create opportunities and meet challenges to generate value.
Analysing | 15
Identify relevant pedagogical approaches to support students to analyse the impacts of ideas, opportunities, actions, created values and ethical implications in the selected real-world environment.
Analysing | 15
Use appropriate technology to support sound pedagogical approaches that contribute to the development of students’ entrepreneurial and problem-solving skills.
Applying | 10
Evaluate individual and group strengths and weaknesses of students and staff regarding hybrid and digital teaching and learning about entrepreneurial competences.
Evaluating | 10
Create interactive learning designs and sessions developing students’ entrepreneurial competences, minding students’ pre-competence, available resources and pedagogical techniques that enhance students’ engagement and motivation.
Creating | 20
Integrate the learning material available in the MOOC with other appropriate teaching and learning resources to foster entrepreneurial competences and ethical and sustainable thinking.
Applying | 10
Evaluate the learning process and students’ acquisition of learning outcomes related to entrepreneurial competences.
Evaluating | 10
Total Weight: 100
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  • Darko Grabar (darko.grabar@foi.hr)
  • Petra Vondra (petra.vondra@foi.hr)
  • Valentina Kirinić (valentina.kirinic@foi.hr)
  • Blaženka Divjak (bdivjak@foi.hr)
  • Barbi Svetec (basvetec@foi.hr)
  • Pirjo Kuru (pirjo.kuru@lut.fi)
  • Alba González Calleja (alba@cise.es)
  • Paulo Belo Costa (pcosta@unl.pt)
  • Jose Carlos Ceballos (josecarlos@cise.es)
  • Priscila Parra (priscila.parra@unican.es)
  • Ivan Sarmiento (ivan.sarmiento@unican.es)
  • Hilkka Laakso (hilkka.laakso@lut.fi)