The BDP tool is a research-based, innovative, constructive-alignment oriented and modular solution based on learning outcomes (LOs) and learner workload as foundations of learner-centered learning approach. It is based on:

Made to respond to the institutional need for a tool that enables learning design based on course and study LOs


Designed according to the recent findings described in relevant literature and theoretical frameworks related to LD and LA


Created on the existing LD concepts and tools, particularly the ABC LD from University College London and the Open University LD

Key principles

BDP concept and tool are developed in line with following principles:
Vertical alignment of LOs at the study program level with those at the course level, in line with the principles of the Bologna Process and the European Qualifications Framework
Horizontal alignment of LOs on the course level with the TLAs and assessment, in line with Biggs’s (1999) idea of constructive alignment.
Workload planning including both the learner workload recognized as an important element in other LD concepts, as well as the teacher workload being related to institutional planning.
Resource planning, as one of the common elements within LD for all modes of delivery (F2F, online, blended and hybrid) to increase the flexibility of study options.
Support to innovative pedagogies prominent in LD, i.e. flipped classroom and work-based learning.
Feedback on the quality of course design supported by learning analytics.
Designed for
Teachers and researchers
Business managers

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Design process

BDP tool enables course learning design through three simple steps:

Create course, define course details and add learning outcomes
Add topics, units and teaching and learning activities
Analyse course design and make changes if necessary


The BDP tool provides the advanced analysis of a planned learning design. The analytics dashboard includes a high level overview of the entire course which enables learning designers to change their course design and improve learning experience and efficacy.


Who are we?

Learning Analytics Laboratory (LA Lab), led by Prof. Blaženka Divjak, PhD operates under the Faculty of Organization and Informatics, University of Zagreb, Croatia.

Our interdisciplinary research team consists of researchers from informatics, mathematics, statistics but also from educational sciences as well as highly skilled professionals and holds rich project and research experience within learning analytics and areas closely related to the learning analytics.

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